Priyanka Lugani has always had a deep fascination for the collective. This led her to travel and explore the world from different perspectives, exploring cultures, traditions and the ancient wisdom of the Incan Shamans to the Tibetan Monks in the Himalayas.

Following these experiences, Priyanka set up Alma, an information platform centered around connecting the ancient wisdoms of the world with food, travel, art, spirit & science.


Food is the first act of love.

Between a mother and her child, between the self and the body, between each of us.

Food takes us through the complete cycle of being. From the cosmic seeds to the fragile sprout, to the flourshing plant and its fruits: Our sustenance.

“Every Food has an information and an energy that influences each cell and each atom within us. There is a biochemistry and a formula for each organ and its optimal health, thus activating “consciousness”, a deep sense of knowing… we each hold this within us. Alma Deli is all about finding this limitless consciousness, your soul formula.”


Priyanka has been on a journey to discover the Soul Formula, which is unique and sacred to each individual. So she created a Lab known as Alma Labs, where science and spirit work hand in hand in discovering the physical and metaphysical mysteries of life.

Priyanka has always been intrigued by the concept of the ‘Soul’.

“The soul is infinite and timeless. In this reality called life, our body and our soul are both essential. It is the connection between the soul and body that is the inspiration in my research and curiosity for Alma.”


Art is a beautiful form of sharing, connecting and communicating from our essence. It is through creativity that we inspire and are inspired.

Priyanka expresses her inspirations through her hand-crafted jewellery pieces, which pair the star constellations with earth minerals such as rose quartz and amethyst.

In addition, Priyanka has authored a variety of books and curated the design and layout of her books and workshops.


Alma Deli collaborated with Salvea from February- May 2017. 

We served the in-house patients and bistro with our medicinal boxes.


Paraiso Festival

Alma Deli joined the Paraiso festival, an electronic music festival in Madrid. 

Our plant based foodtruck:


Consciousness begins from a young age

We joined hands with some schools in Dusseldorf and served our meals in schools.

Crillon Paris

Here Alma Deli collaborated with Chef Justin Schmitt and Christopher Hache and shared our research and plant based recipes!

Together, we created some beautiful plates.

WeWork London

Alma Deli has been hosting various Lunch & Learns across the different WeWork London offices.