Autumn Term Packages T&C



Single workshops: Paid in full prior to workshop

Monthly workshops: Paid in full prior to starting the monthly workshop

Term fees: All fees are to be paid in full TERMLY and before your child starts the workshops with us.

Availability and Cancellations

Once you have paid for the chosen workshop (daily, monthly or termly) Alma will allocate that specific place for your child. Please note that Alma reserves the right to make changes to times or type of workshops implemented during the year according to the needs and requests of kids at certain times as well as schedule changes. We will always try to accommodate your chosen workshop and if we are not able to, we will make the upmost to do this as quickly as possible. Please note that once you have booked for a certain workshop that being daily, monthly or termly if your son is unwell or you just can’t make it, we will not be able to reimburse any class booked. We always try to be kind so exceptionally we might be able to give you another day/time option to reschedule; however, this is not the norm, so Alma has the right to not reimburse or reallocate a cancelled or no-show workshop.

Classes and happy workshop development

At Alma we all love to enjoy every workshop with kids. If your child is not feeling well or just not “in the mood” that day, please let him/her have a day off. We all have better days than others! Kids are kids and screaming, crying and jiggling is part of it! However, if we have a child crying for a continuous amount of time during a workshop, we will kindly ask you to leave so he can feel better and the rest of the kids can also enjoy the workshop. We will be delighted to see your child next time.


If a child is being collected by someone other than the authorised persons noted on the ‘Child Enrollment Form’, then the setting must be informed in advance of who this person will be. If this person has not been introduced to the setting, then a password system will be used, and photographic ID presented. WE WILL NOT LET A CHILD LEAVE WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN.

Equal Opportunities

Alma aims to provide an equal opportunities environment. All applications for registration will be considered equally, regardless of race, sex, religious beliefs or ethnic origin.